New Neighbors League Club of Nashville


Anyone visited by a NNLC Area Representative and invited to a prospective membership function is eligible to join NNLC within the first year of moving to the area.

A fee of $50, which is made up of a one-time charge of $25 for membership plus a $25 activity fee with access to the chapter newsletter, Notes and Quotes, is required to initiate the membership.  

Please Note:   To maintain an active membership beyond the first year, a renewal fee of  $25 continues the membership and is required to participate in activities.  When your membership is about to expire, you will receive an email notice from our chairperson. 

Please make your $25 checks payable to NNLC, and please write your email address on the check.  Checks should be sent to:

NNLC Membership Renewal,  P.O. Box 1566,  Brentwood, TN 37024



Voting privileges in NNLC are limited to the first two (2) years of membership to allow all new members an opportunity to serve in a leadership capacity.


Active members past their two (2) year membership are referred to as non-voting members (NVM).  NVM are encouraged to continue with their established club activities.  Non-voting board positions are available to members who wish to remain active in meeting and working with the club’s newest members.


NNLC membership is lifetime and transferable to any NNLC Chapter. Transfer members receive a two (2) year voting membership with each transfer and pay only the annual subscription rate for the chapter newsletter.


At the discretion of National Club Headquarters, one day a year has been established as open membership for those who wish to join NNLC but are not new to the area.  All amnesty members must be sponsored by an NNLC member and are not required to be visited by an NNLC Area Representative.  Amnesty members are not eligible to serve on the Executive Board, but may serve on any of the committees that make up the General Board. 


For membership information, please contact club Director, Christine Byrne at or fill out the form on our "Contact Us" page.

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